Selling Your Home

If you are selling a home in Nevada Missouri or Vernon County you need an agent that knows the local market.  Since I opened McCaffree Real Estate on the town square in Fall of 1997, one of the biggest challenges I've had is giving homeowner's a solid estimate of what their home will sell for.  Any agent can "wing it" and give a homeowner a rough guess but I've learned from experience this is not the point where an agent can cut corners.  The "CMA" or Comparative Market Analysis is the method Realtors use to determine "market value" (most likely sales price with an arms length transaction) of a property.  Nevada requires a careful approach to determine market value because we have many different styles and ages of homes oftentimes all on the same block.  In bigger cities you often have the case where one builder built all the homes in ABC Subdivision around the same period and same style of home.  The Realtor there searches for the 3 most recent solds in the subdivision closest to subject in proximity and 90% of the time has a pretty accurate idea what value is. Nevada is not like that.  As mentioned there are several different styles of homes here ranging from Victorian mansions built after the Civil War, to 1940's Craftsman style, 1960's Ranchers to early 1900's Bungalows with different variations off all.  In other words a 2000 square foot "split level" style home in Rolling Acres Subdivision will likely have a different value than one in Fall Creek addition.  Because of this I work hard to help my clients find their home's market value by a thorough search of market sales, review of active/pending properties,  review market conditions, and factor in in my experience knowing how homes sold in a that neighborhood in the past.

Getting your home ready for market is another key service I provide.  The days of putting a sign in the yard, put in on MLS and pray that it sells are over.  There is a great deal of "prep work" that goes into getting a home ready to hit the market and I can help Sellers avoid the temptations of going too big or too small on these type of "prep for the market" projects.  I have a good list of contractors who can get in and get the pre-market prep work done on your home so you can focus on your move.

here is a link with some good basics on improving your home's curb appeal:  CurbAppeal.pdf

Mike McCaffree    

If you would like a copy of my local Contractors list or my Get your home ready for market brochure please contact me and let's get started!